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Old 10-15-2007, 06:12 AM
Bruce Klein

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Biblical Healing - WHEN?

Those who came to Jesus were healed!

Jesus healed those who were His followers, and He healed those who were not His followers. The point is He healed believers and unbelievers. In China and Africa, Jesus healed those I laid hands on instantly, now. In China, one of the main problems is eyesight. All who came with eyesight problems were healed. In Africa, all who came with malaria problems were healed. In the USA, people have reasons why Jesus won’t heal them. They have been taught by religious people excuses as to why Jesus won’t heal them. Some reasons given by the religious for a person not being healed are - sin in a person's life, the person lacks faith, the sickness is from God teaching the the person a lesson, etc.

The purpose of the study on healing at my new website is to tear down any stronghold that is keeping you from your healing.

Another excuse of those who lack faith is ‘you must wait until Jesus decides to heal you’. They lack faith and knowledge for healing, so you should stay away from their poison!

You should go to Jesus expecting to be healed now.

How can you go to Jesus? You can pray to Jesus asking to be healed. You can go to someone who has Jesus in him/her asking them to minister healing to you. Either way, you are going to Jesus expecting to be healed, now – today!

For further studies on healing, you may wish to view my new ‘Healing School’ website. The site is not finished.


In Jesus,
Brother Bruce

PS. My 'Encyclopedia on Biblical Healing' lists 54 ways Jesus heals in the New Covenant. The book is used in the seminaries. Another book is ‘How to Minister Healing’.
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Old 10-15-2007, 02:18 PM
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Miracles and healings are a very difficult subject to understand. Honestly, I believe that miracles and healings are one of the most misunderstood subjects in the church today. Some say that miracles have ceased and others seem to believe that miracles are on the vine waiting to be picked for the benefit of the seeker. So one would say that we should never expect a miracle and others are saying that we can always expect a miracle. In fact some argue that we must receive our miracle “now”.

But each view is clearly unbiblical in my opinion. Each view is an extreme that doesn’t take many factors into consideration. There is an element of faith needed by the seeker, sometimes miracles come in stages, and sometimes miracles and healings are never received in spite of continual petition because the illness or situation is for the believer’s spiritual benefit. For example Jesus would not heal or work any miracle in the unfaithful city. Also Jesus healed the blind man in stages. Lastly Paul besought the Lord three times for a supernatural healing from his “thorn in the flesh”, which many if not most scholars believe was a terrible disease affecting his eyes. In Paul’s case it was to keep him humble and dependent upon God. Sometimes miracles are not the will of God.

But there is even a more important factor that I believe most fail to see. Few ask themselves what is the biblical the purpose of a miracle or miraculous healing. To determine this it is important to turn to the source of all divine knowledge, the Bible.

Upon close examination one will observe that the greatest occurrences (or outpourings) of miracles of the Bible are found around three relatively brief periods of biblical history. These three periods were times of great spiritual awakening in Israel’s history. Each period was separated by many years if not centuries wherein miracles and healings were relatively few. Contrary to what many believe, the Bible is not a continuous chronicle of the miraculous. Let’s look at each period in which we see outpourings of miraculous power.

The first period is seen from the time Israel was delivered from Egypt to the establishment of the nation in the Promised Land. These miracles demonstrated God’s protective and disciplinary power before his people in the very beginning of their nation’s history. Yet we see extraordinary miracles growing fewer and fewer up into and throughout the time of the judges. Yes they took place, but they were rare. They became even rarer under the United and Divided Kingdoms. However, there was a very brief outbreak of miracles during this period as Israel slid into apostasy.

This second period took place in the time of the prophets, primarily under the ministries of Elijah and Elisha. These miracles demonstrated that God’s Law and God’s way was not dead, but indeed it was still full of life and power. Though Israel was sliding further and further into wickedness and idolatry, God set their world afire in the ministries of these two prophets.

After the period of the prophets in which Elijah and Elisha ministered we see Israel taken captive and miracles again became rarer and rarer until the nation entered what is known as the 400 silent years. Then suddenly something dawned and the power once again broke forth and the third great period of miracles and healings began.

This third period of healings and miracles was unleashed in the first century by Jesus Christ, God himself. This was the single greatest outpouring of miraculous power the world has had up until that time and has ever experienced since. This all took place in the shadow of the life Jesus, validating his ministry and demonstrating his power and authority over sin, disease, and Hell itself. This power continued after the outpouring of the Holy Ghost on Pentecost. The church marched forth upon the earth with this “power from on high”. The book of Acts demonstrates how the message of the New Covenant was confirmed with the signs, miracles, healings, and wonders worked by the hands of the Apostles.

As history will record, soon after the first century miracles and healings again became rarer and rarer. During this period of time the church also began its decline into apostasy. There were short and sporadic outpourings of miracles and healings among the faithful but miracles were primarily regarded as a thing of the past and those claiming a miracle or healing were considered suspect. As the church continued its decline into apostasy some such as Martin Luther, John Huss, John Calvin, John Edwards, etc. tried to reform the church and bring it back to Biblical doctrine. This period was known as the Reformation. While many great advances toward embracing the truth occurred none of these advancements completely restored the church. Perhaps the greatest or most important event was the printing of the Bible in the common tongues for all mankind to read.

As more and more men seeking the heart of God began studying the Scriptures fundamental doctrines began to appear and various fundamentalist movements began. During this period many began to pray for the Pentecostal experience as found in the Bible and there was a mighty outpouring of the Holy Ghost. On the heals of this outpouring came the revelation of the Oneness of God and Jesus name baptism. It was during this outpouring and restoration of the true gospel message that miracles, signs and wonders once more erupted from coast to coast in the US and throughout the world. Again, this demonstration of miraculous power validated the message of the preached word of God.

But…just as in biblical times and modern history we have watched as miracles have slowly become fewer and fewer. We see healings and miracles erupt for short periods among many churches as the truth is preached in true Apostolic faith and authority but these periods of outpouring often subside and miracles become fewer again.

It has become apparent to many students of the Word that miracles and healings serve one primary purpose…validation of the message and Word of God.

I believe that these means that we can conclude that miracles and healings are not an entitlement in God’s program, but rather a blessing to be experienced in times when God’s power is demonstrated, when the waters of our lives are troubled by the power of the Holy Ghost. We cannot demand a miracle nor can we command God to perform a miracle or healing. Many of us have learned this personally as we watched a loved one suffer and die after pleading for a miracle or healing, believing with all our hearts that it was only seconds away.

So are miracles largely a thing of the past? No.

I believe there are going to be sporadic periods in various churches in which God chooses to move and validate his message for all to see. During these “revivals” God will heal and we will see miracles in demonstration under his power and he alone will get the glory. Also, I believe there is coming a day in which the entire world will enter a time of great tribulation. During this period there will be two witnesses who preach the truth to a world embracing Antichrist. I believe that their ministry (their “movement”) will once more see an outpouring of God’s miraculous power to work miracles and healings validating their message globally before the return of Jesus Christ.

Those are my thoughts about miracles and healings. I pray I’m not judged as being unbelieving, I certainly believe God will work miracles and healings in times of revival. Sometimes times of revival and outpouring are sparked by the demonstration of a miraculous healing. So it is always in order to pray for a healing to God’s glory…however, I don’t believe that we can say that all are entitled to a miracle or healing based on “word faith” or “name it and claim it” teachings.

That’s my take on it.

God bless and keep you.
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11 (English Standard Version)
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Old 10-15-2007, 02:50 PM
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I have been healed of many things.In the nineties I was losing my eye sight and my husband had to litterly hold onto my arm all the time.I could hardly open my eyes from
a bacterial infection.I was in a revival service at FPC in Church Point,La and Brother Charles Pierce told me that they were going to try and declare me legally blind but that
I was not going to be because God was going to heal me.He did and I am not.I have received several miricles from Jesus my whole christian life.
My husband was miraculously delivered from diabetes.He had blood glucose readings in the 500's.Believe it or not the minister who was preaching the revival at our church had last stages lymphoma.He had great faith.I have no idea why some receive it and some don't.Our pastor from Louisiana believed until the end of his days.Everyone
was shocked he went from this world to the next because he believed for
a miricle until the end.The answers to that lie with Jesus.I simply see it
as Gods opportunity.Death is not the enemy.Death is a door to eternity.
If we are saved its the ultimate healing because in the eternal presense of
Jesus we will never be sick again.We cannot cheat the allotted time we
each are given.There is a season for everyone.
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Old 10-15-2007, 08:20 PM
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Give God praise and glory.

I was once told that God isn't moved by our need but he is moved by our faith combined with what will give him the most glory. Sometimes a saint maintaining faith in the face of death gives God more glory than their healing ever would have.
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11 (English Standard Version)
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Old 10-15-2007, 09:56 PM
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I agree Brother.We cannot live in this mortal body forever but one day we will be in a glorified body.Its going to be awesome.
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Old 10-16-2007, 04:56 AM
Sister Phyllis

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Amen and amen we serve an awesome God who is in control of all situations Love you all in Christ

God bless
sis phyllis
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