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Old 02-15-2007, 02:43 PM
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Pic Posting Tutorial

For those wanting help with how to post pics, or images, there are two ways to post pics. One way is straight from your computer to AFF. The other, is to dowload your pics to an image hosting site, then link them in your posts. Admin would prefer us to use an image hosting site so that we don't bog down the server resources too much. I will cover both avenues.

Downloading and Posting Pics from your Computer. If you just want to post one or two pics every once in a while, and not bother with an image hosting site, you can do this easily. While you are posting, look below the gray reply box you are posting in to the next section on the page. It's called 'Additional Options'. There is a blue header that says 'Attach Files' with a button directly below it that say 'Manage Attachments'. Click on that button and a new window will pop up where you will choose 'Upload File from your Computer'...click the 'Browse' button. Look through the directories on your computer to where you have your pic saved, and click on the 'Upload' button. When you hit the submit button it should show up with your post. All attachments can be viewed larger by just the wave of your mouse over the top of it. Or you can click on it to view it in the browser window.

Downloading and Posting Pics from an Image Hosting Site. You can host your pics at an Image Hosting site like Photobucket.com or ImageShack.us. I have used both and I can say that I prefer Photobucket because you can put your pics in different 'albums'. BUT...just know that every URL address that you use to link your pics to will have your user name in the link...if you are wanting to remain anonymous, make sure you register a user name that you don't mind others seeing.

Both image sites are pretty easy to use. Where it prompts you to Upload images, just click on the 'browse' button, and direct it to the file that contains the pics on your computer, and then hit the 'Upload' button. It will give you the URL address links to choose from. If you go with Photobucket it will give you 4 to choose from. Use the bottom one, IMG Code, it will already have the Image Tags around it ([IMG] [/IMG]), you just have to copy/paste that link into your post. Viola! That's it. Very easy.

Photobucket has nice options to edit your pics as well. You can do some resizing of pics. Even down to avatar size. A good size for pics to post is around the 200-400 pixel range. An avatar will need to be no larger than 120x120. Sometimes pics will be too large to download. It's either because of the size, or the quality that is making the file too large. If that is the case, you will need to edit the photo using a photo editing program, or send it to your buddy who can. There is a free downloadable program Irfanview for those who would like to do it themselves. For those who don't want to tackle the photo editing, I would be more than happy to help anyone out. You can send your pics as an attachment in your email to TheMrs85 at gmail dot com.

Posting Pics that you have found off the Web. This is fairly easy as well...all you have to do is right click on the picture, click on 'properties'. Then click on the URL address to highlight it, and copy it. Then while you are making a post, click on the Image button (yellow button with mountains and sun). A new little window will pop up asking for the address. Just paste the address in there. (The new window automatically has 'http://' included, so when you paste your link, make sure it only has one 'http://' at the beginning of the line.)

You will need to keep in mind that there are a couple of glitches. Some sites have pics that are copyrighted. Please do not post copyrighted pics. Some sites don't like you to take their pics and post them, as that makes them the hosting site, and it hogs the resources on their server. I have seen them combat this in various ways. One way is that they will replace the pic you posted with a pic telling you you're naughty for stealing their bandwidth. Some sites through routine maintenance will sever the link. So a pic you posted one day, may disappear the next.

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