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Old 09-08-2018, 07:35 PM
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Re: 5G Endangers our Community

Originally Posted by Evang.Benincasa View Post
The big corporation in Blade Runner than ran everything had as their company motto "More human than human."
Visit the Apostolic House Church YouTube Channel!

Instead of google, use www.yandex.com

Biblical Worship - free pdf http://www.pdf-archive.com/2016/02/21/biblicalworship4/

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Old 09-11-2018, 08:30 AM
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Re: 5G Endangers our Community

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov used Ivan Pavlov’s classical conditioning to control the masses in Russia and propaganda is being used today. This is not about geopolitical or economic enrichment. International Corporate Oligarchs control the banks, media and all the world governments. They have all the money and power they need so quibbling about economic geopolitical positioning of 5G is moot. All government alliances and conflicts are nothing more than political theatre to keep you distracted. Just as television, media news, alt media and sports are nothing more than bread and circuses for the masses. I keep wondering where is the Holyghost discernment of our Apostolic leaders and Church today? The Banksters are using Trump to continue robbing the nation for the international corporate oligarchs. Our government is planning on increasing borrowing this year by 84%; up to 1 Trillion dollars, and crickets. 5G is a weapon; pure and simple, that has been developed by governments for the extermination of the simple minded goyim. Once technology can replace the common laborer you are toast. I am ready to go and be with my maker for I have lived a blessed life. My concern is for our children and grandchildren’s future that we will leave them with unwittingly. Here is another snapshot of an article to see how ELF frequencies are integral to how our bodies work. I have also attached a The US Army’s Bioeffects of Selected Non-lethal Weapons which was released under the freedom of information act.


Human electromagnetic emission in the ELF band J. Lipkova, J. Cechak; Electromagnetic field of human body:
“A cell is the basic, very small unit of the living substance. It measures about 10 microns, i.e. 10-5 m. But, it is still enormous to compare with particles carrying electrical charge (electrons) – there is place for at least 10,000 for them on the cell length and about 30,000 for them on the cell circumference. To create electricity in the cell, the cell needs capacity to process certain chemical materials, which the cell absorbs. The cell makes free chemical energy by chemical decomposition of the material and is using it for protein building, for its own work and for creating electricity in presence of oxygen. The electricity is the most important thing for some cells, for nerve cells for example. Communication between nerve cells (neurones) depends on the parameter called resting membrane potential –RMP. Cell interior is negative in respect to its surface and potential across the plasmatic cell membrane is reaching values between –20 mV and –200 mV. RMP of the nerve cell is in range –40 mV to –90 mV, the sustained value is –70 mV. We call such cells polarized. Aforesaid voltage values are negligible; currents reach orders of magnitude of microamperes. Nevertheless, those values are not insignificant. Schumann resonance – connection of Man with the nature: It concerns the state on boundary of beta and theta levels, at 7.83 Hz more precisely. Brain waves have no constant frequency, but their frequency is changing. The whole control system is buried deeply in the brain, in the thalamus. The thalamus is switching and integrating centre of excitements coming from sensors, from the spinal cord and the brain stem to the cerebral cortex. The system is called thalamic rhythmic generator or” pacemaker”. Calcium ions are seeping slowly to thalami-cortical neurones, which are oscillating 1.528 sec and are triggering brain waves. Then, the brain waves propagate up to the cerebral cortex. If those neurones are saturated with calcium ions, the thalamic oscillations stop. The brain waves are” idling” during this” silent phase”, lasting from 5 to 25 seconds. The thalamic oscillations start again, when the calcium level in cells drops to the value allowing the neurone to oscillate again. EEG has shown that waves do not expand to the brain only, but through the whole nervous system (through the perineural system) and to every part of the organism. So, the brain waves adjust sensitivity and activity of the whole nervous system. The time domain, where the brain waves are not thalamus controlled is the most interesting part of the system. Then the brain field can be affected by electrical and magnetic rhythms from outside, natural or artificial.”

James 5:16 (KJV) Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

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