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Old 05-08-2019, 01:25 AM
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Re: Struggling with Doctrine & Faith

Originally Posted by Antipas View Post
I've learned that there is "red pill" and "blue pill" Christianity.

If you take the "red pill" and study the Scriptures you're going to wake up to the reality that most of "Christianity" as we know it is an illusion. It's not "biblical".

Or, you can take the "blue pill" and just go to church and believe as your told.
yes thats right. (is not right that happen ,it is sad, but your observation is right )
I think i am still in the way of waking up, you know there are many voices and satan soes not come direclty with a lie! He is coming first with some truth and then bringing the lie too.
Many people today speak about of some heresies of the church today and then you see them adopt an other heresy too.
.... anyway , my soul is sad to death sometimes and i dont wait the "great revival" ,instinct we are in the way of the "great apostasy". BUT i believe in a awakening and a marching coming out of the falsehood (under these conditions i believe in the Unity of the Church) .
But of course " never put a fire on an empty altar"
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