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Old 08-17-2019, 10:52 PM
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Re: Hillsong's Marty Sampson "Genuinely Losing Fai

Originally Posted by JamesGlen View Post
Your comments a few weeks back about the coffee Bible study led by the guy w mascara and fingernail polish kinda put me to thinking on relative things......my sister attends a mega church AOG. After reading your post I asked her about having a guy w mascara, nail polish, and a sissy hair bun teaching her kids in SS class...she said well we have guys w big earring holes. I said have they been in the church a while? She said yes, and that as long as their heart is right w God then it’d be ok w her for them to teach her kids...(and said some is culture related...whatever)
See, the deal is, right after you posted that, my same sisters husband (they all attend the AOG mega)took his 15 year old daughter(my niece)to get a small cross tattoo behind her ear, and they were ok w it. He even wants to get another tattoo himself(has 1or2). Last year she and I sorta discussed/locked over asking ahead of time about him drinking a beer or two when we came over for family events. They have no prob w that either. I said how does is your church teaching on that and she said they don’t want their teachers drinking alcohol. Then she said if she ever quit her church teaching position she could consider drinking at that time, like her husband(doesn’t teach) does now and then when cooking on the grill.

So then, the beer, tattoos, ear frisbees, heck probly even tackle box face for all I can tell, is acceptable.
So back to the pastors having some wiggle room, yes I see what you’re meaning. I think they need to be cautious and wise about how they approach it, but things need addressed.

Kinda funny thing...a few years after i “got in”(probly 15-18 years ago), I asked our now retired pastor how come he couldn’t preach against guys wearing pink shirts?( I had been to men’s conference and the in thing was guys wearing pink). He said he couldn’t hardly do that... I said alright.
I still think guy should not wear pink. But looking back I’ve seen him wear a light pink a few times, and he’s all man brick laying break your hand w a handshake carpenter mans man...so, I guess if he wants to.
I still hate’m

Hope this post is understandable...it’s late kinda rambling. Turning in.
Your post is totally understandable.

Deuteronomy 22:5 and all the arguments (even within our own ranks) made me consider where this was heading. There was a Trinitarian female pastor from our area who has full sleeve tattoos, a pierced nose septum, saved side of her head. She believes in One God non Trinitarian, baptizes in Jesus name, she is lazy on infilling of the Holy Ghost. While she has some good theology, I still call her Pastor Yakuza Tsukuyomi. She laughs, but I still can't accept the Vampirella look. Yes, she has sat down in Bible studies with me and we have had some long discussions on how she looks is opposite of how the Hebrew looked even in the first century. Paganism was despised, in all its forms. Come out from among her and be ye separate. The one woman is clothed with that which is natural, while the other women was clothed as a harlot. The attire of a harlot was recognizable hene it was titled "attire" of a "harlot."

In history, past to the present. Tattoos represent criminals, the dark side of society. I ask her young ministers with their top knot if they are actually samurai of Pastor Yakuza Tsukuyomi. They don't laugh, but were is the sanctity, there is none. Just a circus train wreck of churchianity. Where you can't tell the saint from the sinner, sooner or later the saint blends into the sinner. You can never win the world with the world. The church has worked hard in that area to be just like the world to win her, but she is a scorpion, she will turn right around when we least expect it and ram the stinger right through us. Watch be vigilant, because the adversary is waiting to replace the true church with make believe.
"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past. " ~ George Orwell
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