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Old 08-22-2013, 11:12 PM
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Unemployment not necessarily a bad thing

Have you ever considered that unemployment might not be so bad afterall? Most people hate their jobs, which may include you. So, maybe losing it isnít as bad as you thought. Maybe it is the little push that you needed to start working for yourself and start doing what you love. You can afford to spend all day writing that book with extra writing gigs on the side or to build that website with a few design jobs on the side.

Many lost jobs

There has been a ton of news lately about retailers losing money. In fact, Targetís 2nd quarter earnings report showed a 13 percent decrease in profit from 2012, according to USA Today. The economy is not getting better, and retailers may actually have to start firing people to keep from losing so much money. Your job may not be safe, but that may be good news! Maybe now you can finally start doing what you love. Your dream may not be so far away after all.

There are a lot of people in the writing, design, and computer programming realm who are unable to find full-time positions doing what they know best. The reason for this is that companies do not usually have enough work in these areas to hire a person full-time, but they do get projects every once in awhile that they need completed. They will post these projects for freelancers like yourself. For you, that means you can do what you love and get jobs from a ton of different companies. If you like knowing about a lot of different businesses and love the work you do, this is the perfect kind of job for you. Most of them will only last for a couple of weeks, and you can decide if you are too busy to accept jobs or ready for a new project.

Where can you go to make this happen

Be your own boss, work from home, and work on your own time. Deskgig.com is where you should head to find these jobs. Of course you can do a doctorís appointment in the middle of the day or take a month off to travel to Europe when you control your work schedule. Jump-start the career you always wanted by taking advantage of all the projects available and ready for you!

Employment and Freelancer news brought to you by deskgig.com

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