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Old 12-06-2010, 11:42 AM
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Kabbalah and the Old Testament

I recently was intrigued by a reference of a forum member to Kabbalah's "holy" book, The Zohar. It was appealed to in order to show "correct" Hebrew roots that Christians should understand. Kabbalah has recently become quite popular amongst the fad-seeking stars of Hollywood and the rock and roll world. Madonna and Ashton Kutcher are heavily involved in it.

Christians need to realize what Kabbalah and the Zohar are actually all about. They should send shudders down your spine, if the truth be known.

Here is some info I posted earlier on another thread. I wish to propose Kabbalah and the Zohar have absolutely no pure basis in the God of the Old and New Testaments, and Christians seeking to understand Hebrew roots should stay away from the Zohar as far as they can.

Consider this information:

Just some remarks about the issue of ZOHAR, the book of Kabbalah that people need to know since it was referenced here recently. The Zohar is the Kabbalist writings that speak of God in very occultic type terms. It portrays nine emanations of God involving pics of baphomet, where Shekinah is actually a homosexual deity and alleged to be another emanation of God. (We throw around the term SHEKINAH like it is a holy thing, when in reality if the roots of its use were known, we would never use such a term -- It's never used in the entire Hebrew Old Testament once.).

I see trinitarian mindset entering into the christian world with roots in Babylon when Israel was bound there, where they mingled Babylonian pagan thought into the Jewish mentality and came up with Kabbalah. Kabbalah has to be one of the most vile and intrinsically evil movements this world has seen. It brought mysticism and witchcraft into Judaism. The Zohar is "THE BOOK" for mysticism of the Kabbalah. I shudder when I read references to Zohar.

Zohar speaks of Lilith, Adam's alleged first wife, who is a kind of epitome of evil in Kabbalistic teachings.
References to Lilith in the Zohar include the following:

“She wanders about at night, vexing the sons of men and causing them to defile themselves (19b),”

This passage may be related to the mention of Lilith in Talmud Shabbath 151b (see above), and also to Talmud Eruvin 18b where nocturnal emissions are connected with the begettal of demons.

Raphael Patai states that older sources state clearly that after Lilith's Red Sea sojourn (mentioned also in Louis Ginzberg's Legends of the Jews), she returned to Adam and begat children from him. In the Zohar, however, Lilith is said to have succeeded in begetting offspring from Adam during their short-lived sexual experience. Lilith leaves Adam in Eden, as she is not a suitable helpmate for him. She returns, later, to force herself upon him. However, before doing so she attaches herself to Cain and bears him numerous spirits and demons.[99]

According to Gershom Scholem, the author of the Zohar, Rabbi Moses de Leon, was aware of the folk tradition of Lilith. He was also aware of another story, possibly older, that may be conflicting.[100] According to the Zohar, two female spirits, Lilith and Naamah — found Adam, desired his beauty which was like that of the sun disk, and lay with him. The issue of these unions were demons and spirits called "the plagues of humankind".[99] The added explanation was that it was through Adam's own sin that Lilith overcame him against his will.


Kabbalistic mysticism attempted to establish a more exact relationship between Lilith and the Deity. With her major characteristics having been well-developed by the end of the Talmudic period, after six centuries had elapsed between the Aramaic incantation texts that mention Lilith and the early Spanish Kabbalistic writings in the 13th century, she reappears, and her life history becomes known in greater mythological detail.[89]

Her creation is described in many alternative versions. One mentions her creation as being before Adam's, on the fifth day, because the "living creatures" with whose swarms God filled the waters included none other than Lilith. A similar version, related to the earlier Talmudic passages, recounts how Lilith was fashioned with the same substance as Adam was, shortly before. A third alternative version states that God originally created Adam and Lilith in a manner that the female creature was contained in the male. Lilith's soul was lodged in the depths of the Great Abyss. When God called her, she joined Adam. After Adam's body was created a thousand souls from the Left (evil) side attempted to attach themselves to him. However, God drove them off. Adam was left lying as a body without a soul. Then a cloud descended and God commanded the earth to produce a living soul. This God breathed into Adam, who began to spring to life and his female was attached to his side. God separated the female from Adam's side. The female side was Lilith, whereupon she flew to the Cities of the Sea and attacks humankind. Yet another version claims that Lilith was not created by God, but emerged as a divine entity that was born spontaneously, either out of the Great Supernal Abyss or out of the power of an aspect of God (the Gevurah of Din). This aspect of God, one of his ten attributes (Sefirot), at its lowest manifestation has an affinity with the realm of evil and it is out of this that Lilith merged with Samael.[90] According to The Alphabet of Ben-Sira Lilith was Adam's first wife.

An alternative story links Lilith with the creation of luminaries. The "first light," which is the light of Mercy (one of the Sefirot), appeared on the first day of creation when God said "Let there be light." This light became hidden and the Holiness became surrounded by a husk of evil. ”A husk (klippa) was created around the brain" and this husk spread and brought out another husk, which was Lilith.[91]
Kabbalah does the sort of antics like placing pentagrams on the scrolls of the Pentateuch (First five books of the Old Testament) in order to get secret hidden spiritual messages from God due to where the five points of the star land on the scrolls, etc.

It promotes nine emanations of God in a "Tree of Life" with the Shekinah, the homosexual emanation of God, as the bottom "trunk" of the tree.

Benny Hinn came under fire for promoting NINE in the Godhead, since he said each of the three persons of the Trinity have a spirit, soul and body, making NINE in the Godhead. Sounded a lot like Kabbalah's claims of the Tree of Life's NINE emanatioons of God.

I am amazed anyone would refer to the Zohar in any manner in which to promote God's nature. Orthodox Judaism thinks it an insult to analyze God's nature as though as to put Him beneath a microscope, which is the reason Judaism does not touch such issues, aside from His absolute oneness, which is why orthodox Judaism disdains trinitarian concepts with a passion. I would imagine they disdain the emphassis some Oneness people put into analyzing God's natute as well.

FOLKS, STAY AWAY FROM THE ZOHAR! It has nothing of any pure value in its pages.

Notice in Sam's post in another thread the similarity between the trinity emblems and the Kabbalah tree of life.

I do not think there is any validity whatsoever to anything kabbalah and the Zohar teaches. It's as wicked as the devil, himself, IMHO.

Kabbalah is the mystical teachings of Judaism. Kabbala has to three categories 1) Theoretical 2) Mystical (Energies which humans can’t connect to) 3) Magical (how to manipulate nature).

Kabbalah is a set of scriptures that exist outside the traditional Jewish Scriptures.

Dualism: Although Kabbalah propounds the Unity of God, one of the most serious and sustained criticisms is that it may lead away from monotheism, and instead promote dualism, the belief that there is a supernatural counterpart to God.

"Many Christians do not try to understand what was written in a verse in the Bible. Instead they approach the passage to prove what they already believe."

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