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Cornelius 10-07-2021 08:53 PM

Prayer For Our Safety
We have been living with my mom and grandma a bit. My uncle is in and out and has some major anger issues...its been directed at both me and my wife in the presence of my child. It has made an already not ideal living situation very tense. I need God to intervene in this sooner than later. This is a very very VERY serious prayer request. If we had another place to go or a better situation we would have already left.

Im working full time with my daughter in kindergarten.

Both of our vehicles are down and Im paying fown a few things so I can get one of them reapired or trade it in for another clunker.

Once we are mobile that will be a huge step towards getting out.

Currently Im alternating between my mom and my grandmothers vehicle.

We arent freeloading. Ive helped my mom with some of her stuff and I split the utilities in half with my grandmother on top of getting the yard mowed regularly and paying for pest control.

I also pay for the gas and maintenance on the vehicles.

Again...this is a pretty bad attack and I know its primarily spiritual in nature.

The enemy doesnt like the progress and steps we have made in our marriage and walk with God...if you believe in such things its almost like a trailing unclean spirit...like the same thing that manifested with my dad but now its here and in someone else.

My wife has become fearful and Im struggling not to get physical with the situation...I almost feel like thats what its trying to do....provoke me into doing something that will be unwise.

I need God to fight this for us.

We need peace here and we need to be safe.

I love yall and thanks for the help.

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