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Re: Praying for Texas

Everyone is not me. But if I heard that he had the opportunity to get his family to kinder surroundings and failed to do so, I wouldn’t think highly of him for failing to do so.

It’s odd to me that if he had set still and shivered and suffered with his family, but otherwise done nothing to improve the circumstances of his own family or his fellow Texans, that would have been somehow better than protecting and providing for his family.

That is odd thinking. It was a potentially life threatening situation. He did well to get them to luxurious accommodations. It isn’t like they didn’t invite others to come along.

Contrast that with Nancy, who forbade hair salons to be open, until she needed her hair done. If she were getting her hair done and inviting everyone to do the same, it would be more comparable. Still not life threatening though. God forbid that the voters figure out that is not really her natural hair color!
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