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Re: I'll Say It Again - IT'S OVER!

Originally Posted by Ronnie G View Post
All I said was, my mind was trying to rationalize why certain things were happening when they didin the timing they did. If youre expecting some protracted eschatological theory, I dont have one. But an alleged 6-3 SCOTUS certainly felt like maybe we would be insulated from a leftward lurch in the election. . How wrong I was. Now a bunch of MAGA troglodytes, and a President that only understands escalation just handed the left every excuse to go full Sanders.

As the title says: Its over.

And I voted for Trump both times, but Id never metastasize my devotion to storming the capitol.

Is the country over? No idea. But this election is, and anyone expecting some ethereal, deus ex machina is just silly.
God got Trump elected and allowed the Dems to get rid of him. His sole job was to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel..... officially. Globalism and the mark of the beast are soon to come. God saw it all before He made the world. It cannot be stopped by anyone.
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