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Easy drip irrigation for garden

Take an empty 2 liter coke bottle (pop bottle for you northern folks). Leave bottle cap screwed on. Use knife to cut around the bottom, about a couple inches above the base. Do not cut all the way around, leave the bottom still attached by a small piece. Turn bottle upside down. You now have a "cup" type lid at the "top" (as you look at it, holding it upside down).

Pour water into it until just below the cut. Open the cap very slightly until water begins to DRIP out. Place bottle, dripping cap side down, into soil next to plant. Put it in just deep enough to hold bottle upright. Maybe pack some soil around it to hold it up. You now have a water dripper for the plant. To refill, simply pull open the new "top" and pour water in. It should drip for a day or two or maybe 3, depending on heat, humidity, soil type, and flow rate. Flow rate is easily adjusted by loosening or tightening the cap more or less, as desired.

Put one next to each plant.

Alternatively, take a stick and a 20 ounce plastic bottle. The stick should be approximately 2-3 times as long as the bottle. Cut the bottle the same way as with the 2 liter above. Tape bottle upside down to the stick, small tree limb, etc, with the bottom of the bottle near one end of the stick, bottle cap pointing toward other end of stick. Put stick in ground next to plant, so that bottle is upside down and cap is about 3-6 inches above soil surface close to where stalk or stem of plant goes below surface of soil. Open the "top" that you cut and pour in water. Open cap just a bit until it starts dripping, about 1 drop every 3-5 seconds. Refill when desired.
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