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Originally Posted by Kutless View Post
I did not know that he made it known that his art was skill and illusion.

Was this an announcement he made to the masses, or something that was a disclaimer before a performance?

I think its clear that the writer of this assumption is connecting it by people being in pursuit of supernatural powers and the general draw of magicians at this particular time.

BTW I don't think its right. How can we connect major historical events to the happenings of "Hollywood"?
Part of his performances was debunking mediums. That is why they hated him.

It is interesting that because Houdini told his wife that if it were possible for the dead to contact the living he would do so on Halloween each year there has been this urban legend that he was into seances,etc when the opposite is true. He fully did not expect to be able to do that and it was his way of one more time debunking spiritualists.
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