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Re: What say ye? Can one love truth more than God

Originally Posted by jediwill83 View Post
Is lying or falsehood an attribute of God? If not, we must accept that He is the way, the truth and the life.
God is more than truth. In which case it would seem that one could love the truth 'part of God' more so than 'the rest of God'. That seems awfully close to idolatry to me.

Truth is an immutable character trait of God. If God is indeed truth incarnate, then ones love for truth should ultimately put you on an intersecting trajectory with Him.
A rocket can be fired from 1000's of miles away and still be on a trajectory for it's target. That doesn't mean it's ever going to be close to that target before it runs out of fuel.

Its not like loving truth puts you into some weird orbit taking you away from Him.
There are many unanswered questions. God is also silent on much. If one values truth then there's not alot of difference to the truthseeker between a 'God that doesn't know' and a 'God that doesn't answer'.

If you love truth...wouldn't the ultimate experience be loving the ultimate distilation of that truth?
Can one love learning without loving the teacher or how he teaches?
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