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Re: Are we awake yet or still dreaming the America

Originally Posted by Amanah View Post
It seems we are headed for destruction:

Stolen election

Gvt funded weaponized virus

Open borders invasion

Destroyed economy

Marxist indoctrination in our gvt schools

Surveillance state via social media

Lawlessness and defunding of police

Where do we go from here?
Whatever else can fit in to the, as John Glubb puts it, the stage of decadence. Then, it will be the end of US empire as we know it, and the beginning of another one from somewhere. It could end up in secession, civil war (doubtful), invasion, among other manifestations of possible endings and transformation into smaller nations or a brand new empire from other group, within us, or outside us, taking over the land.

In the best case scenario, Trump wins in the coming election, and the very blue states get into a tantrum and start a secession movement strong enough to be serious. Then Trump, instead of using the army to prevent it, just say "go ahead", and one by one, the blue states leave. That would be the peaceful ending.

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