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Re: Potatoes n mud

Originally Posted by Tithesmeister View Post
Those taters up yet?
I planted two rows total. The first row has sprouted cute little green bushy looking sprouts. The second row I expect to be popping up early next week.

I saw a rather fat rabbit lurking in the yard. Hopefully he will be content with all the clover in the yard and ignore my raised beds and my muddy potatoe patch. Otherwise he might discover what #7 birdshot tastes like if I catch him. Run, El-ahrairah, run!

My garlic cloves haven't done anything. Some beans and some bell peppers have sprouted up, and most of the squash has too. I'll probably replant beans and peppers and some squash this coming week, plus some lettuce and tomatoes and more potatoes. I still have 4 or 5 bags of seed potatoes, some are already growing in the bags. I need to get them in the ground too.

The ducks (we have 4 ducklings) are getting bigger but I suspect 2 are drakes. Argh!

Chickens are cute as can be. Got the runs fenced, gonna build the coops this next week.

Curiously cold for early April. Must be that global warming I keep hearing about.
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