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Re: Potatoes n mud

Originally Posted by Tithesmeister View Post
Do yíall have any Mexicans in Texas? Hondurans?

You may have Colorado potato beetles as well.

A strange thing happens when Colorado potato beetles cross the state line from New Mexico. Do you know the difference in Colorado potato beetles in Texas, and the same in Colorado?
The difference in Colorado potato beetles in Colorado, and Texas, is size. Everythingís bigger in Texas. When you see Colorado potato beetles in Texas, many people mistake them for military vehicles. Tanks etc.. They come in military columns, moving in quasi platoons, and they are almost the color of desert storm camouflage. Some conspiracy theorists have mistaken them for military maneuvers.

Originally Posted by Esaias View Post
All these illegal bugs! I'm gonna build a wall. A great big BYOOOOOTIFUL wall!

Actually I've got rolls of bug screen so I'm thinking about making a fence. I'm actually more concerned about Texas jackrabbits than anything else at the moment.

Saw the fat bunny again last night. Also saw an armadillo. Gonna have to have late night armed garden patrols. Either that or keep the Golden Retriever outside at night...
You may try turning your ducks loose on the potato beetles. Iíve known of geese cleaning a garden up of bugs. If the ducks like potato beetles, they may just be the answer. Iíve seen them eat horse flys until they could barely waddle around. Theyíre like bug vacuums.

Iíve usually just handpicked them. They normally donít last but three or four days. But, Lordy they can do some damage in a little bit of time. Donít turn your back on your potatoes when the bushes are full grown.
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