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Re: David’s stature?

Originally Posted by Pressing-On View Post
That is my view as well and it makes logical sense.

When I look at I Samuel 17:56, it says that Saul asked who the “stripling” was. Studying further, I read stripling described as a full grown youth. So, he wasn’t a skinny sniveling kid.

The person (lol) said every place they check shows no one can determine David’s age. However, I see Saul’s servants, as Esaias wrote, describing him as old enough to be military age.

The person said they could have described him that way knowing about his victory against the lion and bear. And he may have had to fight marauding Philistines when keeping the sheep. Of course, I don’t agree.

I feel that Saul offered his armor because he sized up David and saw he was large enough to wear it. David only said he couldn’t wear it as he hadn’t tested it.

The person said that David would have obeyed the King even if he knew the armor was too small. I don’t agree with that. The other point the person made is that Saul could have been mocking David, as was his way, by having David try on the larger armor to show he was a kid. I think that is a stretch.

Anyway, putting all the scriptures together, military age in Numbers, servants describing him as a “man of war”, a stripling being a full grown youth (18-20 years old, logically), Saul handing David his armor, and your description of Goliath points to a young man who was not a child by any means.
PO, good job. I am always please to see your posts. Whether, I agree or disagree. Here I agree with you. Now, take this to "the person" and spoon feed them some Bible logic.
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