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Re: Davidís stature?

Originally Posted by Pressing-On View Post
I had a person say that it is true that the minimum age was 20 years old, but Goliath still called David a boy,

How old was Goliath? Saul said Goliath had been a warrior since his youth. That appears to show he was older and would think a 20 year old was a boy to him.

The person also said that perhaps Saul was mocking David by telling him to try on his armor. I think thatís supposition. David did try to walk in the Armor, but did say he couldnít use it as he hadnít proved/tested it. He never said it didnít fit.

My thinking is that logically, Saul sized David up and believed he was large enough to fit into his armour. Thatís another indication, IMO, that he wasnít a little boy.

David was actually showing his wisdom and experience in warfare by rejecting what he had not trained in. A novice would have taken the advice of the king not realizing how his range of motion would be affected and also the increased weight limiting his speed and mobility.

Remember that Saul was head and shoulders above everyone else so not quite the size of Goliath but still a big dude.

Also, remember the stipulation Goliath gave? Why in the world would any military leader worth his salt allow a unarmored child with a slingshot put their future freedom at risk in a all or nothing one in one battle?

David had to have had the confidence of Saul in some way and Im guessing it was from previous battles he had witnessed David fight in.
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