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Originally Posted by FlamingZword View Post
I amazed by your propensity to rush in where angels fear to thread.

It seems like a fly that just can not resist the light of the zapper you just can not resist flying into your own destruction.

As time goes by you are just going deeper and deeper.
Ah, more predictions. Can you show any evidence concerning your metaphorical zapper? I fully understand how that if one cannot tackle the real issues about knowledge-based reality, you are forced to rely on theology instead. Muslims and Mormons do exactly the same, with the same force and same level of belief. But theology is neither evidence nor truth. A real god could have done something, anything to change that fact!

Deeper and deeper, you say? "All faith based religions arise from (and are believed by) superstitious minds." I can't imagine going any deeper than saying that! The rest of what I say here are examples and applications of the same, much of it visible every day.


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Good news! The gospel boils down to, "Love me
or I will destroy you." --A god.

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