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Re: Trinitarians Who Baptize in Jesus Name

Originally Posted by Amanah View Post
I think you meet people where they are, find common ground and build from there. Jesus gives us the Holy Ghost to guide us into all truth. John 16:13

If you have the Holy Ghost, you have an intimate relationship with God.
Sis, I believe like you in that Jesus give us his spirit to guide us into all truth.

The spiritual law is revealed to us by his Spirit.

Ill use marriage as an example, physical example can bring spiritual meaning.

Just because a man and a women are married, doesn’t mean there intimate. And I’m not just talking about the undefiled bed, I’m speaking of the man and women talking to each other, knowing each other’s likes and dislikes, can look at each other and know what the other is thinking. There intimate with one another, That’s what I believe “knowing” Jesus is all about.

A person in church can speak in tongues yet, he doesn’t have an intimate relationship with Jesus.
"Watch and Pray That you Enter not into Temptation"
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