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Re: Witnessing at restaurant/cafe/etc table

Originally Posted by Mike_renewed View Post
If you go to a table to eat and others are there, or if you are sitting at a table eating and others sit at same table, or right beside you, have you tried to witness to them?
If so, how did you start a conversation about Jesus, or salvation?

I'm just looking for ideas how to do it

I've said things like "thank you Jesus for a great meal", or if somebody leaves suddenly, I may say something like "God bless you".

At a salad bar, if I know someone is a Christian, or at least confess the Lord, I have said Praise the Lord, or say something about the Lord, however, I'm curious about while sitting at table.

Thanks for any used ideas or experiences
If you contrive, out of your own artifice, an attempt at witnessing, you'll only get out of it what you put into it, that is, you and your efforts.

You must be led by the Spirit to do the Spirit's work.
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