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Re: Will you take the Corona Vaccine?

Originally Posted by diakonos View Post
Do you not take any meds whatsoever?
None whatsoever, but I donít think it is sin ( although I am open to the suggestion that it might be)

My position is it might be sin if itís not of faith.

I preached on faith a few weeks back , and I said Going to the doctors and faith are two different things. I donít believe the gifts of healing are through the medical/health industry, but rather in the body of Christ. If God is using the doctors , then donít call for the elders of the church, let God use the doctors.
I have taken a couple of ibuprofen for headaches or sore throat about once a year. But I tend to think itís a weakness in faith.
When I go to a dentist , I take medicine. But I donít confuse the mind by saying God gave me doctors and therefore itís faith, nope itís leaning on the arm of flesh.
Iím concerned faith is used so little that most professed Christians wonít have enough to endure any kind of hardness.
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