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Re: He's Not Doing It Right...(whatever)

Originally Posted by n david View Post
So the WH releases vital information about this ... against FBI request ... just to try and get a bump in approval ratings.

Idiots. If there's one thing worse than a dove in the WH, it's a one who can't keep a secret in order to score political points.

A POLITICAL decision to release senstive information HAD to be made to cover for the very bad policy decision by the president and Holder.

Had this guy been treated properly. (Enemy Combatant status) This would never have happened.

EC status does not mean we should have waterboarded the guy.

Further, the argument that the right wanted the guy to be beat up and waterboarded is FALSE on its face.

The argument has always been that the terrorist should be treated like one. It is about POLICY.
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