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Re: Potatoes n mud

Originally Posted by Esaias View Post
Got my raised beds planted last week with yeller squah, zucchini, green beans, and bell peppers. Just put a row of potatoes in about 30 minutes ago. Problem is its been raining like Noah's Flood and its supposed to rain the rest of the week through the weekend. I had a trench for the potatoes but the ground is SOAKED and the trench is full. Dug a side trench to drain it but it still has standing water.


I pulled the mulch back, threw in some peatmoss and composted manure, put my taters in it, covered them with peat moss and some dry topsoil I scrounged up from the garage, pulled the mulch back in between the little tater hills, and said a little prayer.

Hopefully the Lord will bring out the Irish in us and we can get this patch through the monsoon and onto the table.
Potatoes are about the most fun crop to grow in my opinion. Theyíre pretty forgiving, and you can pretty much count on a crop of decent potatoes as long as you take care of the Colorado potato beetles when they show up (and they will). Kids of any age love digging taters, even old kids like me. Itís like digging for treasure.

Itís usually an easy crop, and even the mud shouldnít mess it up unless they rot before they leaf out. Iíd probably wait myself and not plant until you have a window of drier weather but itís unlikely that dryer weather wonít happen in the next week or so. Hope you have a bountiful crop and a lot of fun.
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