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Re: Different Responses to the Word of God

Originally Posted by Esaias View Post
Regarding the bolded... Is that really true? That it is "human nature to go all in"?

Or is it conditioning and indoctrination? I've known quite a few people who would never go all in on practically anything except never going all in on anything.

I think the "total skeptic" is actually just an ignoramus who doesn't know what they believe and they just refuse to accept certain things that contradict their little world view or their personal aspirations and desires. And the "totally gullible" who views all skepticism as bad is just as big of an ignoramus as the other and for the same reasons. In fact, it looks like they are both birds of a feather.

If "all skepticism is good" then the person who believes that is in reality unbelievably gullible. Why no skepticism about the utility and range of skepticism?

And if "no skepticism is good" then isn't such a person highly skeptical of skepticism? Isn't that like doublethink?
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