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Money making ideas for homesteaders

Ok folks. Gonna let you in on a bit of the madness.

I have some ideas on some things to make a little extra income on the homestead.

Theres a micro hydro electric company named Turbulent that creates micro hydro electric generators.

I'll post links to things I mention because there are some nifty stuff out there.

So anyways, on top of having no electric costs you can feed the excess back into the grid for payment from the power company.

My idea has a few more steps and it involves cryptomining.

The reason cryptomining is a hassle at the moment is that its so power intensive that the power costs to run the equipment outweigh the profits unless you're doing some crazy exchanging and trading.

If the overhead for the power was a non issue I imagine you can get pretty creative with the possibilities and if you live in areas like NH *Free State Project WOOT WOOT! lol* they widely accept crypto currency all over the state.

Another idea is to market your processing power to others and passing the savings to them thereby making it an attractive investment to others without your off grid infrastructure setup.

Take your profits and either invest in further homestead upgrades....maybe clearing some land with a good southern view....start a modular solar farm that can be easily upgraded as funds come in which will bring in more cash from the power companies which again you can upgrade or pocket the proceeds as you see fit...or use it to increase the size of your mining setup.

Now the most obvious way to implement this would be to have a river or creek etc on your property but Im thinking *and I could be totally wrong* that you can implement a solar powered water pump to pump water from an aquifer to make a artificial spring and have a large enough catch pond to let it build up enough to release it through the MHG...not really clear on all the exact math...just spitballing here.

A second idea is to grow herbs for concentrates and essential oils or plants for food. Here is a high tech greenhouse made from a 40 foot shipping container.
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