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Re: Money making ideas for homesteaders

I have a suspicion that you might spend more money and energy (electricity) setting up an artificially powered water flow for the microhydro electric generator, than if you just used straight up solar, with maybe a wind turbine (possibly using an old car generator/alternator)?

I also think, re making money/income, right now the best return on investment, with the least amount if investment, is to start several e-commerce businesses (Fulfillment By Amazon, eBay, shopify, Facebook, etc). Especially if you build them up to where each is both profitable, and scalable, then you can flip them for cash to do it again only bigger.

Money can be made in things like real estate but it takes a lot of investment, either a lot of cash, or exceptional credit, or LOTS of know-how and tons of networking, you have to really hustle and lots of people go bust. It can be done, but I think ecommerce gets you on your way to income quicker and easier.

Flipping mid-sized businesses (mergers and acquisitions) can be very profitable, and it can be done with little to no personal cash, but it's very difficult to get into unless you know someone in the biz already who is willing to be a mentor or partner (preferably both).

I'm currently learning all I can about ecommerce right now. I think that's the quickest and easiest way to get extra money that's scalable and worthwhile.

"Sell to the classes, dine with the masses; sell to the masses, dine with the classes." That's what I've heard.

Although, people building high end custom homes seem to be doing pretty good...

The guy yall met who builds container homes... perhaps you can parlay your encounter into a business deal, or employment opportunity... perhaps you could advertise / sell the homes for a fee. You'd just need to find customers who otherwise would not find that company, you bring him the customers, earn a commission, etc.
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