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using tea in cooking

So back in my rideshare days in Charlotte I ran across a very nice gentleman who gave me a very interesting tip. He used Earl Grey tea as the liquid base for marinating pork.


I brewed the tea with garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes,cinnamon, salt and honey and marinated a pork roast then patted it dry for a skillet sear and its in the oven at 400.

I have long grain rice with a half and half ratio of lemon ginger tea and chicken broth, salt, ginger and garlic thats infused this incredible flavor and for the sauce I made a grape glaze by simmering down grape jelly, shot of chicken broth, salt, garlic...whisked under heat and simmered and at the last added a few shots of heavy cream well incorporated

The rice and glaze are amazing and I can't wait to taste the finished product once everything is plated and I can get a complete bite.

Ive been using bone broth/chicken broth lately when I make rice and it REALLY makes good fried rice the next day.

Just wanted to throw some ideas out there and ask have any of you cooked with tea?

If so, what kind and with what?

Any other complimentary spices you can recommend?
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