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Re: Our Trinitarian Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Originally Posted by deltaguitar View Post
Amanah, I think we should all be transparant about our beliefs. The Oneness/Trinitrain rift is huge and part of being a submissive christian is to be able to allow debate or discussions with the willingness to be corrected if it is shown that our doctrine is wrong.

Oneness pentecostals are not just wrong on the Godhead but they then more error over to the new birth, baptism of the Holy Ghost, and other areas like standards, etc. Many trinitarians will just point at the fruit of the movement and their case is made that Oneness doctrine leads to even more dangerous doctrine and possibly away from the gospel.

Lets not forget that AOG, COG, and charismatics are all accepted within the christian world because they still hold strong to major christian doctrines. Much of the world believes in the gifts of the spirit, however, there has been both good and bad that has come out of the pentecostal movement. The verdict is still out on the pentecostalm movement as a whole and history hasn't decided if the movement has had any value.

I can gladly fellowship with pentecostals as long as they aren't trying to convert everyone to their way of thinking. It is just better for me to stay away and work in a church where I feel comfortable and altar call and crazy stuff isn't happening.

I do not believe that Oneness folks have truth however I do not believe they are unsaved. There are many sincere oneness folks who are christians and many one this forum who I would count as brothers.
Brother, if I am wrong I pray God shows it me. I want nothing but Jesus. I want to make heaven my home. I want to understand the truth of His Word. And I want to make sure that the words I speak will cause others to make heaven their home also.

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