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Re: Was Sidney Powell wrong?

The idea that there was voter fraud widespread enough to change the results of this election are pure fantasy. Almost 50 court cases, many in front of Republican appointed judges went nowhere for a reason. Unlike on social media mere accusations don't cut it. Actual proof if required and they did not have any.

Why is it so hard for my fellow conservatives to believe that a man who four years before barely won the Presidency by barely winning a handful of swing votes could then lose an election fouryears later by losing swing states?

Trump lost not because of massive fraud but because of his inability to comport himself in a manner than inspired confidence beyond his base. He did nothing to reach out to swing voters that decide every national election.

Of course I will immediately be attached and those of you that live in your fantasy world will continue to do so. I am amazed some of you actually think that state legislatures should have voided their citizens votes and just on a whim changed the electors to Trump ones. That truly would have made our democracy a joke.

Trump has such a hold on some of you that I saw posts on FB with conservatives wanting him to declare martial law to remain in power. Pure lunacy.
"I think some people love spiritual bondage just the way some people love physical bondage. It makes them feel secure. In the end though it is not healthy for the one who is lost over it or the one who is lives under the oppression even if by their own choice"

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"We did not wear uniforms. The lady workers dressed in the current fashions of the day, ...silks...satins...jewels or whatever they happened to possess. They were very smartly turned out, so that they made an impressive appearance on the streets where a large part of our work was conducted in the early years.

"It was not until long after, when former Holiness preachers had become part of us, that strict plainness of dress began to be taught.

"Although Entire Sanctification was preached at the beginning of the Movement, it was from a Wesleyan viewpoint, and had in it very little of the later Holiness Movement characteristics. Nothing was ever said about apparel, for everyone was so taken up with the Lord that mode of dress seemingly never occurred to any of us."

Quote from Ethel Goss (widow of 1st UPC Gen Supt. Howard Goss) book "The Winds of God"
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