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Re: Tongues- A sign or THE sign Of Spirit Infillin

Originally Posted by Jay View Post
#1 I believe that anyone who has repented of their sins, baptized in the name of Jesus, and received the Holy Ghost are in the body. So while in our modern history, we are referred to as "Oneness Pentecostals", I believe that Christ has always had a church.

#2 Currently there is no salvation outside of Acts 2:38, which is the only response to the Gospel
Very good answer.

Which isnít the answer of the Empire.
Which at this current time is at here decline.
Sir John Glubb in his book Fate of Empires explains, that one of the signs of an empire declining is wreaking of religion. Even though America is becoming post Christian. That Christianity becomes irrelevant. Where everyone that says Lord lord enters into the Kingdom of God. Kinda like have it your way at Burger King.
"Don't Kill The Messenger" ~Sophocles
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