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Re: Abuse of the Delete Option

Originally Posted by mfblume View Post
There is another optional reason.. Saying something mean and then realizing it is not right, so deleting the comment in a spirit of repentance.
That's a great reason!

But how often does it have to occur before a person has actually repented and isn't doing it anymore? Repentance isn't a guilt trip, it's a changed life. The fruit is the way one then conducts himself afterward.

Additionally, no admin has the insight required to know if a person has deleted a post for the reason you stated, or because they became worried they might get an infraction.

As it stands, if there was only an occasional delete here and there, of this nature, this thread would not exist.

But the fact that this isn't the case, and that it has happened repeatedly, up until this thread was created, at least, shows that abuse of the option was occurring, and creating this thread to address it has helped resolved the issue.
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