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Re: A Song For Obama? Are you kidding me??!!

All4One origianally posted,

<<Its wrong to use inocent children who know nothing about politics to acheive power! Communist schools use this sort of thing to brain wash their children!>>

Innocent children, really? I would like to meet a completely innocent 9 year old.

<<who know nothing about politics>>

If 9 year old kids can understand religion on some appropriate level, then they can understand politics, too.

<<to achieve power>>

Not so much achieving power, as exerting influence. And that's wrong?

<<Communist schools use this sort of thing >>

Religious schools use this sort of thing to further their beliefs too. And thank God some are even able to help in the process of brain washing, as some need washing. Of course, kids ought to belong to parents, not the state. But if parents' choices produce distasteful politics in kids, so be it.

Be honest--is it the use of children that's wrong, or rather the expressed political stance we don't like? Children "used" in this capacity bring an instant emotional credibilty to the situation, and THAT is what makes us uncomfortable, especially if it's "power" on behalf of the wrong side. But Obama's camp thought of it first, so tought teats for the other side that wasn't as nimble.
Mark Bennett
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