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Bush And The Bubble Bungle.

You might be interested in reading this.

Bush and the Bubble Bungle
By Dr. Richard A. Jones

George W. Bush, by missing many a golden chance at greatness that came his way, is almost certain to go down in honest history as mediocre rather than what he could easily have been. I personally liked what I saw of him on TV and could envision him as being a good neighbor or even a friend. His wife’s pleasant demeanor helped. He’s handled the terrorist crisis fairly well given how skilled the jihadists have become over the last 20 years as illustrated by multiple attacks leading up to 9/11 and beyond. I’m convinced most Americans are glad Bush persevered in Iraq and even the “we support the troops” mainstream media has surrendered! Another Viet Nam would have shaken our collective national soul in perilous ways. Neither war nor empires should ever be sought but there are Washington schemers who love spilling the blood of others for their own purposes. Beyond all that, however, no sane society can afford to be bullied by mad men, especially by religious extremists, fanatically and misguidedly dedicated to hopeless causes.
People who are always looking for fault,can find it easily all they have to do,is look into their mirror.
There they can find plenty of fault.
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