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Re: If you have been hurt by family, friends or ch

The message is an incredible message of healing...
He recognizes that people "do" get hurt...
We cannot live as victims the rest of our lives...

One quote was taken from the book "Black Hawk Down" when a soldier was told by an officer..."Get in and drive the truck". He responded "But I've been shot". His commander answered "We've all been drive the truck". Everyone has been hurt. I believe it was TD Jakes that once said "If you preach to the hurting you'll always have an audience"

One other powerful point in the message was "We often want more than healing. We want God to take away all the evidence of our hurt. Scars are a testimony of God's ability to heal. Don't be afraid of showing your scars."

This message ministered to a lot of people in our congregation who have been hurt by people that they trusted. I understand that some on this forum will look for something negative to criticize...but it really was a powerful message. It helped me...I hope it helps someone else.
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