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Re: Saddened by NY Grand Jury Decision To NOT Indi

Originally Posted by StillStanding View Post
The move was a headlock, not a choke hold per media. There's a legal difference.

This was a tragedy. Period. Nothing more and nothing less. The victim didn't die because he was black, and the officer didn't have malice towards the victim. It's a sad tragedy. Lot's of "if"s and "but"s on all sides here.
Yes...also people confuse a Choke hold...meant to cut off air with the BJJ move "Chokehold" meant to cut off blood flow to the brain and pass you out

But what this was instead was an attempt to bring him down

But what i want to know is why the officers who were oh his back were not also charged?

Also why didn't the supervisor present stop it when she heard him saying he can't breath??
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