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Re: Trinitarians Who Baptize in Jesus Name

Originally Posted by Originalist View Post
That is a false statement. The fact that multiple members in both camps have received the gift of the Holy Ghost proves they do worship the same God. Nobody, including Apostolics, has a perfect understanding of God.
I can semi-agree with you. I would say that Apostolic/Oneness Christians have a better understanding of God over Trinitarians.

There are multiple Trinitarian denominations that believe in the spiritual gifts. Their doctrines on the Holy Ghost is all over the map though. Being Trinitarian, they believe the Holy Ghost is the third person in the Godhead, and they typically believe someone "receives the Spirit" at conversion (or repentance). Any further manifestation of the Spirit in the believer's life (such as the operation of spiritual gifts, something which isn't deemed necessary) is viewed as a releasing of the Spirit already within the Christian.

I know many Christians that received the baptism with the Holy Ghost, evidenced by speaking in other tongues, when they were attending Trinitarian churches. An elder minister in our church that passed a few years ago pastored a Holiness Baptist church for years. He received the Holy Ghost in a Holiness Baptist church. They were very strict, but he saw the truth of Jesus Name well into his sixties. He was rebaptized and embraced the Jesus Name doctrine. A similar story centers on an older woman I know that received the Holy Ghost in the Church of God back during the time when that denomination preached hell fire and brimstone. She began to pray and God brought her into the glorious light and she's been a full-fledged Apostolic for decades.

Even though it is sometimes tough to swallow, I don't believe everyone in Trinitarian churches receive the same Holy Ghost that Jesus Name people do. This is partly because they have a misunderstanding of who God is, and their denominations teaches false doctrine. These people might speak in tongues and operate in spiritual matters, but they deny Biblical doctrines as heresy. It's hard for me to believe that these people have the same Holy Ghost we have. Now, God could still be dealing with them, but if they continue to deny Him, I do believe their "manifestations" will eventually turn counterfeit.

I do know that not everyone in an Apostolic church as the genuine Holy Ghost, either. Every tongue-talker isn't legit, no matter what church they go to.
I am Apostolic
I believe in One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism.
I believe in water baptism by immersion in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sins.
I believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost, evidenced by speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance.
I believe in living a holiness lifestyle, inwardly and outwardly, without which no man shall see the Lord.
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