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Re: Trinitarians Who Baptize in Jesus Name

Originally Posted by votivesoul View Post
If the Spirit of God is in us, then all that makes God, God, is present within us through Him. We do not have a compartmentalized Spirit of God, or just a segment of His God-hood resident in us. We have Him and all that makes Him what and who He is.

Regarding the Spirit without measure, it does not imply we have it only in a measured way. That statement about Him was made before Pentecost. All that makes the Spirit the Spirit, is in us. Now, it may be we are not fully walking in all that God would have us walk in, and we may be grieving the Spirit or quenching the Spirit through works of the flesh as we mature and undergo the process of sanctification, but it's not like the Holy Spirit is a quantifiable substance wherein we get to say, you have only a little bit of the Spirit in you, but he has more, and I have some, but she has the most.

If the Spirit is in you, it is in you. And you can be full of the Spirit, just as Paul wrote, even after he mentioned the earnest of our inheritance.
Great post. While Jesus was on earth, the writer of the gospel said he was given the Spirit without measure. This implies that some have it by measure or it would not have mentioned it. We are given what is known as "part" gifts(1 Cor 13). Jesus had no "part" gifts. He had unlimited ability to do what God wanted him to do.
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