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Old 03-19-2013, 03:35 PM
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Question for pro amnesty folks

I raised this point on another thread and got little response from the pro-amnesty crowd...

I've talked to dozens of illegals and I've yet to find one who truly loves the USA and wants to become part of the family. They just want to make a better living for their families. Sadly, I've also talked to DOZENS of children of illegals who were born here and 99% of them PROUDLY admit that they have never considered themselves to be American, but think of themselves as MEXICANS. The irony is, some have never once stepped foot on Mexican soil. Yet, their allegiance is with the country where their parents immigrated from, a country they never intend on living in themselves. Why would I want these people (those whose allegiance is not with the USA) to vote in our elections?

I challenge ANYONE to tell me why someone who is not ready to completely renounce allegiance to their country of origin should be allowed to become a citizen of our great and exceptional country.

Is there anyone in the pro-amnesty crowd who will have the courage to deal with this topic? Even one?

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