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Old 02-12-2007, 08:45 PM
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Un-Holy Trinity?

I've heard Trinitarians refer to this in Revelation as proof that God is a Trinity because otherwise why would the devil seek to conterfeit a trinity...

To begin with that is circular reasoning. This assumes that the intention was to conterfeit something in Triad form and not rather the Anti-Christ conterfeiting the real Christ

Second...since when is the Trinity ever described as a world wide leader and then a prophet that gave him power? Hmmm?

Third...if that is the case then maybe John was the Holy Ghost?

Fourth....we have two separate people....if we conclude there are three separate individuals...not merely three distinct individuals within the same nature/being, then what the Un-Holy Trininity really is is three gods.

Trinitarianism as defined by them is three persons who share the same one nature/being where as Tritheism is three persons who have their own being/nature...three beings. In Revelation we do not have three persons sharing the same body nor the same divine essence.

Thus this argument is really detrimental to the Trinity if one is going to insist on this unholy Trinity idea...
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