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Old 12-03-2012, 03:34 AM
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Just A Thought...Ok maybe a few.

If "Seperate Yourself From The World" meant what most APs claim it does....well, would Jesus have GONE TO where the man with Legion in him was...shouldn't the man have come to him in a sanctified House of God, away from the world?

If we aren't meant to have beards on our faces, as the scripture in Leviticus people who believe this rely on....shouldn't we also not have hair on our toes, or our heads? Heh...I personally know a man who shaves his head as well...and ten to one, I bet if I washed his feet, he would have smooth toes as well.

If being known as a backslider causes a person emotional damage, was God's will done? It 's really an ugly, ugly word, spoken more to force a person to get back in church and JUDGE, rather than as what it originally was meant for, to describe a "lost person". I'm going to tell you just like I told a few other people...if you're going to call me a backslider, either to my face, to someone else, or even over the pulpit....please. Spit in my face. I understand the sneer and the raw disgust in the Apostolic Pentecostals I've known for the last...you know, 18 years of my life...when they say the word backslider when they're at your house trying to do what they feel is God's will. And hey....being told "you gonna die BOY God not gowin let you lie dis time" might have worked in the seventies and eighties...but wake up. It's 2012. Emotional manipulation is a type of brainwashing...according to that evil science thats trying to destroy all things good in the world.

If the scripture about markings and tattoos for the dead is in fact a reason not to get tattooed or pierced....well...shouldn't that only apply to tattoos and markings dedicated to the dead? Speaking of piercings and tattoos....I've been told once you've been forgiven for a tattoo, it's cool to have it. Why not piercings then? The hole the never ACTUALLY closes up completely in thin enough skin....go ahead...let a piercing close up for a few years, and try poking an earring back through. I dunno about yal...but mine always popped right on through, without any blood. The skin might grow pretty close together...but the "cut" itself is there forever.

The bible is for no private interpretation. Hmm....what did you privately interpret from it today? Surely not every single thing you read and decided it meant was from direct commandment from God? And are you positive that the first person who decided he was an Apostolic Pentecostal...didn't interpret with absolutely no error, completely guided by God? Are you absolutely positive that none of his own human feeling, thoughts, or anything like that went into his prophesies and what he understood the King James bible said?

The Old King James bible is the oldest English interpretation of the bible...therefore nothing else can be right. Hmm....leaps and bounds have been made in you know....understanding what words meant and stuff...since a few centuries ago. Perhaps some college trained Christians who studied the ancient DEAD languages for their entire lives understand a little better than someone who's been poring over the english translation only for the last 50 or 60 years.

Being reminded constantly that this is where you came from....sorta makes you feel like you'll never get away from dat big bad spirit. Meh...maybe you should just spend the rest of your life terrified of the things that keep you bound til you die instead of overcoming it with the help of therapy....medicine...all the groovy things that those filthy hippies came up with under the influence of Fluffy's witchcraft.

Speaking of Fluffy...you ever stop to consider constantly saying his name tends to glorify him? Fluffy did dis, Fluffy did dat, Oh My God how Fluffy is fighting me today...yeah keep acknowledging he's affecting you. That's working juuuuust fine.

Trials...your trials are in your mind. If you say over and over again, I'll never get out of this stankin ole trial...you probably won't.

Where do you put your tithes? Is there a pretty little basket, or bin at the front of the church that you have to walk to...in front of the whole church...and put your tithes into? Wanna know a secret? Sometimes....juuuuust sometimes...people just walk up there and drop a tithes envelop with a few quarters in it...just so people won't talk about "Oh brother so and so....yeah he didn't pay his tithes this week. Backslid on the pew...I heard he's cheating on his wife with a horse.

Meh...I think you get the gist. Welcome to 2012....the way it was done 30 years ago SUCKS...and if you go to a church that preaches a lot about the old paths....if it works for you fine. Amen, some people need that thing. But you deserve your own opinion, and sometimes you actually know a little better than pastor. ERMERGERD BLASPHEMY!
1 John 4:8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.
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