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Old 03-23-2013, 12:57 PM
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Re: Northern Segregation?

Originally Posted by Godzchild View Post
All I know is I am Godzchild , a Yankee , a wife, mother and gramma and I am still in my 40's. I don't keep up with or even care about politics or the man who is "running" this sad country I was born in the North, raised in Central Europe (and hope we get to go back one day) and then moved back to the North as an adult... so that my friend is all I know~


Several people might be joining you before it's all over.
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Old 03-23-2013, 02:37 PM
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Re: Northern Segregation?

Originally Posted by Originalist View Post
Several people might be joining you before it's all over.
it is sad to see all the TWISTED mess here in the US. My mother is German and I have lots of family back there and I want to go back home. Jobs are not too easy to find in the field my husband works in and he is not willing to take German language classes....lol He would fail miserably~ German and some French are my second language so its all home to me. Laws are a lot more tougher on animal crimes where as here in the us, they MAY slap you on the hand, say no-no, u may pay a few fines and you are free to do it all over again. There it is a felony and you most always end up in PRISON...not jail. We look at animals a lot different than most Americans. Shoplifting is a big time felony...even for first offenders...no jail cell, its prison for at least 12 months. I could go on forever. I will add this....crimes happen all over the world and I am NOT saying Europe is perfect.....we have flaws just like the next place on the map , its just handled in a different way than the US and more harsh penalties....like "an eye for an eye" in most cases.
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