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Old 07-16-2012, 02:43 PM
thesonofdavid thesonofdavid is offline
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A controversial book from UPC

To all: Re a new book:
The Development of the Trinity: The Evolution of a New Doctrine

The book is finally out! It is the tip of the iceberg of over 7 years of serious study on the graduate school level. My M.A. is in church history.

This was accepted as "sound" historically by the Baptist seminary. The school now has a copy of the book. It is published---and featured on the opening page "new works" of Pentecostal Publishing House. (pentecostalpublsihing.com)

But....I need help to get the book and its message out to pastors and churches. We in the OP have not had a solid answer of how the preexistence of Christ and related issues evolved. It is tremendously influential to trinitarian pastors. But it will work if we understand this first. If anyone can help spread the word, that is great.

I might open up a webs site where both those that agree and those that want to challenge me (us) can write in. I an not computer savvy enough so will have to get some help.

Anyway, enjoy the book and write back with response. You can get a download at Amazon.com, or a free sample of it at Barnes and Noble.

I am available for seminars in this and related (church history, oneness) issues, especially for pastors and ministers. Have taught this at Gateway Bible School on-line and other schools in person.

God bless and use us!

Bro Davidson
(619 955 8685)
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Old 07-16-2012, 04:32 PM
Michael The Disciple's Avatar
Michael The Disciple Michael The Disciple is offline
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Re: A controversial book from UPC

Hi Bro,

Glad to hear some new material is out there. On the preexistence which you mention which is very important is your position the same as modern Oneness that the Logos was a "thought" or "idea" that was with God?

I take the older Oneness position that the Logos was a pre incarnate form or image of the omnipresent spirit. It seems that helps Trins to accept the doctrine of Oneness more than the other version I know it did me.
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Old 07-16-2012, 05:24 PM
seekerman seekerman is offline

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Re: A controversial book from UPC

Originally Posted by thesonofdavid View Post
We in the OP have not had a solid answer of how the preexistence of Christ and related issues evolved.
The preexistence of Christ is supported by scripture. It's not the result of suppositions of the early councils which produced the Trinity but has a sound biblical foundation.
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