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  1. Adventures in missions
  2. Why YOU should go to the mission field
  3. North Trip Report Bro Alvear Jr.
  4. Report From North Trip. Bro Alvear Jr.
  5. retreat
  6. Please, Help me pray about this
  7. book of acts revival brazil
  8. book of acts revival brazil
  9. Our First Vacation Bible School in Northeast Brazil
  10. A few Kenya pictures
  11. Thank you!
  12. Missionaries and Head Coverings in Muslim Countries
  13. Advice to new missionaries
  14. Sister Alvear writes..
  15. Sister Alvear doing fine.
  16. NEWS FLASH regional missionary in trouble?
  17. The Love of Christ
  18. Closing The Missionary Discussion
  19. News From Bro Alvear Jr. Brazil
  20. Asian Challenge and Opportunity
  21. News From Brazil
  22. For Sis. Alvear
  23. Pictures of the Mission Work in Maceio Brazil
  24. Upcoming Missions Trips
  25. Need $7000 for Bus Motor- Can you send $20
  26. Hunger Pains
  27. Attention: Address Change
  28. My Witness to two mormon Missionaries
  29. Letter from Brazilian pastor
  30. Brazil greetings
  31. News from Sister Alvear
  32. Mission Singapore & You :) NEWSLETTER
  33. Leaving for Singapore Mission Trip Tomorrow
  34. Philippine Trip - please pray
  35. Concerning the "Sponser Berk" Thread
  36. Church dedication tonight
  37. Back from Asia, Missions Report!*Pictures*
  38. From the Alvear's
  39. Michael Alvear's mission trip (yesterday)
  40. The Richard Carver Family.
  41. ALJC Missionaries.
  42. just got in from the jungle
  43. urgent need - brazil bro raul alvear jr.
  44. book of acts church- brazil
  45. please pray bro raul alvear jr.
  46. June feasts in Brazil
  47. Sister Alvear in the Jungle
  48. building jungle headquarters church
  49. Jungle Ministry
  50. Sis. Alvear's Official Picture Thread
  51. camp ground photos bro raul alvear jr.
  52. apostolic revival in brazil - pictures bro raul alvear jr.
  53. Pray for Pastor Bryan Taylor
  54. Update on Brazil work
  55. Joseph Conroy
  56. Hello Friends
  57. Ministers Of Conference - 2007
  58. Alvear Family
  59. Brazil In Flames Missions - Alvear Family
  60. I am working on a missionary program
  61. our where abouts
  62. From the jungle work
  63. urgent need Bro Raul Alvear Jr.
  64. Gospel Literature.... FREE
  65. heart breaking letter
  66. Dream Village Having Revival
  67. Pics from Korea
  68. Sister Alvear writes...
  69. Have What It Takes To Be A MIssionary?
  70. The cause of Christ
  71. Our Visit to a Village in India (Pictures)
  72. A missionary call: Is it God's will for you?
  73. Praying For Missionaries
  74. Some Building projects we are involved in:
  75. The map of Braz
  76. This is what we did tonight...
  77. Little trinity pastor lady ...
  78. How Involved in Missions Are You?
  79. Special Need Bro Raul Alvear Jr. Brazil
  80. Preached in a Kenyan Church w/Pictures
  81. monthly letter
  82. letter from Pastor Hugo
  83. Regional convention
  84. Found on the internet...very good
  85. 2nd letter from Pastor Hugo
  86. bro. ryan thompson newsletter
  87. Special Need
  88. great news from bro Raul Alvear Jr.
  89. great news from bro Raul Alvear Jr.
  90. Want to learn to play soccer
  91. A church that faith built on the mission field
  92. Headed to China in August, teaching & Olympics
  93. Liberia photos
  94. great news from Brazil Raul Alvear JR.
  95. photo from Michael Alvear
  96. News Letter= Bro Raul Alvear Jr
  97. Work for night cometh
  98. Our Humble Home
  99. Our Humble Home Photographs
  100. Brazil in Flames
  101. Our first baptism in Vigo, Spain
  102. Not called
  103. News from bro raul alvear jr. = brazil
  104. Things that make the devil mad
  105. A Few Kenya Pictures
  106. Tonight“s communion and foot washing
  107. Update
  108. Please look...
  109. Look For Me In the City DUMP
  110. baptism in the jungle
  111. We are in an awesome convention
  112. Revival in brazil = bro raul alvear jr.
  113. Revival in brazil = bro raul alvear jr.
  114. The backlands of state of bahia
  115. Sherri, we need an update on the missionary family
  116. bahia trip
  117. I want you to see these pictures...
  118. You have got to see this one...
  119. We had such an awesome service
  120. Please Pray as I Go to Costa Rica Saturday
  121. Our Pizza Party...
  122. I want to show you something
  123. this is sad
  124. Paraguay and far south Brazil outreaches...
  125. cute...
  126. Judgment Day
  127. Good news
  128. Our young people had early morning prayer
  129. Yesterday
  130. pictures from Brazil
  131. have a lot of old testimonies and thoughts
  132. Keep on keeping on...
  133. Bishop Alvear“s party
  134. bro raul alvear jr. october news
  135. ATTENTION!! About Sister Alvear!!
  136. Violence once again stikes our Family!
  137. pictures of michael alvear
  138. Missions in Nigeria
  139. Thanks forum family and friends...
  140. For New missionaries
  141. Letter
  142. tidbits...
  143. Getting ready to travel soon
  144. Pastor, are you looking for a church?
  145. New Bible Colleges
  146. Volunteer Program
  147. Traveling in the north
  148. Information needed
  149. Urban Missions
  150. West Coast International Missions Conference
  151. Apostolic Preacher
  152. Prayer Request
  153. Bibles for Missions
  154. Mission in Brazil - Bishop Raul and Sis. Alvear
  155. House Church in China needs our prayers
  156. Any missionaries in Ex-Yugoslavia?
  157. Our Churches Here Brazil
  158. Apostolic Missionary Blogs
  159. more pictures of Brazil
  160. Bro. John - My Missionary Work in Brazil
  161. I love to do mission. I go and Do you go?
  162. Bro. John Official Picture Thread
  163. Bro. John's articles about missions
  164. About my web site! You need to know it
  165. Salamanca, Spain - Help us Pray!
  166. dangerous situation
  167. One of the great missionaries of our day
  168. Woman Executed for handing out Bibles
  169. Mctcompany invites Evangelist Steven Edwards to Cl
  170. august news...please read
  171. Bishop Raul and Sis Janice Alvear visit PFAC
  172. Missionaries in Angola?
  173. Bro. John's New Pictures
  174. Our Schedule for October
  175. Is Brother Barnett out on the Mission Field?
  176. Please remember us in your prayers
  177. I have been asked to speak at convention
  178. We travel today for the state of Ceara
  179. Sis michele alvear in the hospital
  180. News from bro raul alvear jr.
  181. Wish you all were with us..
  182. preaching at the dream village
  183. Mexico
  184. Consider giving to Missions over the Holidays
  185. A few pictures of services in Ceara
  186. For Sherri
  187. This is interesting
  188. I think this is so sweet
  189. What brings revival
  190. Dream village history= to god be the glory
  191. Machu Picchu - The Alvears
  192. Last night
  193. Headed tonight to jungle area...
  194. an exciting christmas eve and christmas day
  195. New church in jungle area
  196. the foundation of one more jungle church
  197. The road to the tribes
  198. Church dedication in the jungle area
  199. some pictures of our journey this week
  200. Leaving tonight for northeast, Brazil...
  201. Bro raul alvear jr's new usa phone number
  202. Our letter this month
  203. Brazil
  204. Pakistan
  205. Missionary needs to sell home.
  206. It happened long ago....
  207. tomorrow we will bless 780 people
  208. Pastor Michael needs some help
  209. A true story...Guaranesia....
  210. some churches we visited this past 2 weeks
  211. missionary thoughts and poems
  212. headed this week to the jungle...
  213. Have $ 4 Apo,Word of Faith,nonstandard ministries
  214. to those who are offended
  215. Most touching moment
  216. Our ladies services this weekend
  217. Two Missionaries Murdered In Mexico (L)
  218. Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus Crist - Minas Gerais
  219. Hope Corps
  220. Enquiry of Apostolic Churches in UAE
  221. New Slideshows: A Glimpse of Revival in Brazil
  222. Sad state of affairs in UPC missions in Mexico
  223. Global Impact Japan - images and updates
  224. Mexico Update
  225. More Mexico news
  226. PAJC Missions - Minas Gerais - Brazil
  227. We're losing it.
  228. Isolated Amazon tribe makes contact with scientist
  229. Pray for us
  230. Recent trip
  231. Random pictures
  232. Our Mission works..
  233. Mission workers in training & conferences
  234. Our Mission works (3) Gospel to Hospital patients
  235. Mission work 4 feeding hunger
  236. Our mission works :: gospel mission
  237. Fundraiser For South American Missions
  238. Help Me Reach More People
  239. Help Me Build The Future Of These Kids.
  240. Gospel Mission to new areas