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  1. **HILARY** Now 30 Points Ahead!!!!!!
  2. Pat Robertson Backs Giuliani's Bid
  3. Huckabee Gaining in the Polls
  4. Presidential Election
  5. Another Reason to Vote for Huckabee for President
  6. Prophetic Predictions for 2008
  7. Barak Obama and his wife will hear me minister 5 songs tonight!!
  8. McCain Catching up to Romney
  9. Political: Moderate, Centrist, and Progressive Thread
  10. Anybody watching the New Hampshire debates?
  11. Who Are You Voting For???
  12. Who will make the best president?
  13. Presidential Candidates: Who is the most focused on Defense and the war on Terror?
  14. I've been thinking about Huckabee and McCain
  15. Obama
  16. Uh-Oh !! President Hillary Clinton? ... President Barack Obama?
  17. Mike Huckabee visits UPC.
  18. Is Obama's Pastor
  19. McCain Is the Only Hope of the GOP & America
  20. McCain 48% Clinton 40%... McCain 47% Obama 41%....
  21. Ann Coulter's Statements
  22. ON SUPER TUESDAY I will Vote For:
  23. What James Dobson, Rush Limbaugh and the WPF Are M
  24. Your Predictions for the coming elections???
  25. McCain's Kool Aid
  26. ON THE ISSUES-Every Political Leader/Every Issue
  27. Why shouldn't I vote for Obama??
  28. is McCain the Lessor of Two Evils?
  29. McCain received funding from Soros?!?!
  30. McCain Accused of Having An Affair with Lobbyist-
  31. One More Reason To Love Islam
  32. President Barack Obama!
  33. Interesting Quote by Obama
  34. KKK says Obama will be shot.
  35. McCain vs Obama in a debate
  36. Too Old? "You little jerk" says McCain
  37. Does anyone have a problem with Obama's name?
  38. Born Again Christians Favor Democratic Candidates:
  39. How Do You Vote?
  40. Election 2008: An Interesting Breakdown.
  41. Obama Addresses Racial "Anger"
  42. Obama Church Publishes Hamas Manifesto?
  43. FOX Lies!! Barack Obama Pastor Wright
  44. Had it been Barak Obama
  45. More for Our Barak Oscama Backers
  46. Obama's charity
  47. Barack Obama Doesn't Tithe?
  48. Rev. Jeremiah Wright = prophet Isaiah?????
  49. Obama Doesn't Want Daughters"Punished With A Baby"
  50. Say What, Barrack?
  51. Article: Ten Reasons Why Iím Not Voting
  52. Another reason NOT to vote for Obama
  53. McCain believes in Evolution:No Reference to Bible
  54. The Presidental Candidates!!!!
  55. Barack supporters Hilary aint leavin
  56. Who Are you voting For?
  57. Theory: Does Rev. Wright have it in for Obama?
  58. Obama, Clinton. Which is the lesser of two evils?
  59. Bush/McCain: Leaving America's Troops Behind?
  60. Fooled by Barak Hussein Obama
  61. Bob Barr for President
  62. A Must Watch Video Of Obama
  63. Obama: Wrong On Iran
  64. Ladies & Gentleman, Your Next Prez!
  65. The Upcoming Republican Defeat
  66. Who's Your Next President?
  67. Obama / Hillary ticket
  68. McCain renounces endorsements
  69. John McCain and the flag
  70. Monkey's Top Tips for GOP
  71. Will Conservatives Self-Fulfill Phophecy in Nov.?
  72. Yellow Dog Democrats.
  73. Obama's New Minister Problem wow!
  74. A Woman President? Gloria Steinam Would Be Proud!
  75. Hussein Obama Resigns From His Church
  76. Barak Obama Clinches Democratic Nomination
  77. Hope! Action! Change!
  78. Have you seen this Video of Barrak HUSSEIN Obama?
  79. Obama
  80. Obama vs McCain: Why National Polls Dont Matter.
  81. Mega Church Pastor Praises The Obama Nomination...
  82. Obama/Clinton 2008
  83. Is Obama Too Confident of Victory?
  84. Who Will You Vote For?
  85. The New Obama
  86. McCain, Obama present views on taxes
  87. JAKES in Closed Door Meeting With OBAMA!!!
  88. SHOCKER! Obama Joining Oneness Apostolic church?
  89. OOOPS! Another Republican's skeleton's Discovered!
  90. ALLEGATION!Hillary may have had Russert MURDERED
  91. Obama Did Not Join Church
  92. Obama's Father Day Speech
  93. MICHELLE OBAMA College Thesis Revealed-SHOCKING!
  94. If Obama was Prez during Katrina..
  95. I predict Obama in a Landslide Win!!
  96. I'm Voting Democrat This Year. Here's Why.
  97. To Those Who Declare "A Vote for McCain is a Vote
  98. Obama Apologizes to Muslim women- apology accepted
  99. Barak, in the Bible
  100. Barack vows to disarm America
  101. OBAMA: Republicans to use RACE to stoke fear
  102. For all you Hussein Obama lovers,, watch this
  103. Presdient Hussein.....who would have ever thought
  104. Breaking))OBAMA"America no longer Christian nation
  105. Obama Changes Presidential Seal for his campaign!
  106. Obama's "Not Exactly's"
  107. Obama to get Hanuman idol
  108. Faithful in pews might not be voters in Nov.
  109. An Obama Presidency: What's At Stake
  110. Christians In Denial As America Burns And Drowns
  111. McCain's VP pick - Sarah Palin?
  112. AOL Presidential Poll
  113. McCain Game Plan Worries Insiders
  114. Iraq Demands Pullout Timetable
  115. Article:Obama's frequent regrets may make us sorry
  116. A Top McCain Advisor Says It's All "Mental"
  117. Will The Real John McCain Stand Up?
  118. McCain Attempts to Skirt Senate Voting Record
  119. Obama needs a geography lesson...
  120. Flip and Flop
  121. Saddleback to conduct McCain/Obama debate @ Church
  122. Is the Media Unfair to McCain?
  123. Great Article On Barack Obama, a.k.a. "The Child"
  124. John McCain At the American GI Forum
  125. MAJOR REPORT! McCain Show signs of Alzheimers???
  126. Obama's private prayer leaked
  127. Vote McCAIN... Let Marriage and Divorce Continue!!
  128. obama in 08
  129. Obama the AntiChrist?
  130. Obama's Dad - 8 Children By 4 Different Women
  131. Just one of Baraks hidden taxes.
  132. Beware Charismatic Men Who Preach 'Change'... Lett
  133. Paper says Obama's Campaign Pre-approved Leak
  134. Another Reason not to Vot for Barack Hussein Obama
  135. McCain or Obama
  136. Barack Obama vs. Miley Cyrus
  137. McCain's back on the ATTACK again
  138. McCain Jokes Here!!!!!!!
  139. Obama Allows Daughter to Listen To Profane Rap
  140. McCain Allows Daughter to Choose to Abort?
  141. Cast Your Vote McCain or Obama.
  142. Who's Afraid to Talk Issues?
  143. What If Obama Loses?
  144. McCain Volunteering Wife For Topless Conte
  145. More reasons to vote Obama!
  146. Presidental Fundraising
  147. Gov. Tim Kaine High On Obama's VP Short List:
  148. August Straw Poll: Your choice today (1 of 6)
  149. If elecs were today, who do you predict would win?
  150. A Catholic Case Against Barack
  151. Obama & Mcain on TV Tonight!!
  152. Another Reason...
  153. Obama tying himself in knots with Rick Warren
  154. Please Sign This a Petition For McCain.
  155. Obama vs Reagan compared. Two short videos.
  156. McCain takes 5-point lead
  157. Obama helps out his own...
  158. The Difference Between Gore and Bush.
  159. President Obama/ Vice President Biden?
  160. Osama Vice President
  161. Obama/Bayh bumperstickers??
  162. Obama/Biden
  163. It's Biden!
  164. Obama comments on the Bible
  165. What will happen with Hillary?
  166. Democratic Convention 2008
  167. Plot to kill Obama
  168. Michelle Obama's Dress!!!!!
  169. Democratic Convention....what a non-event!
  170. Bill's aready laying the ground for Hillary in '12
  171. What About This Lawsuit?
  172. 2008 Democratic Convention Line Up for Tomorrow
  173. "Temple of Obama"
  174. Pawlenty Is the Man for VP.
  175. Al Gore is a Complete Nut!
  176. Will you watch OBAMA tonight?
  177. Obama Is Coronated!
  178. Sarah Palin for GOP Vice President
  179. Obama Tells Huge Dem. Crowd He'll Fix Wash.
  180. McCain is Desperate
  181. Obama: not just another politician
  182. Republican Vice-Pres. Nominee is Pentecostal
  183. Palin parents surprised by VP nomination
  184. Pro-Life Democrats:
  185. How would you feel if a Musilm was elected?
  186. New Zogby Poll Favors McCain 47/45
  187. Will Hurricane Gustav Deny Republicans Their Turn?
  188. Sarah Palin is NO Hillary Clinton!!!
  189. PMSNBC does it again...
  190. My pastor's brother goes to Sarah's church
  191. Landmark Decision: Palin makes OP Carl Pro-CHOICE
  192. Breaking News -- Governor Palin's Daughter
  193. The Republican Convention
  194. " Obama said. "And people's children are especiall
  195. What Republicans Have done to stop Abortion
  196. Governor Sarah Palin's Church History
  197. Sarah Palin "doesn't consider herself Pentecostal"
  198. Obama abortion ad
  199. Liberal Mass Media Trashes Governor Palin
  200. The View from Alaska......
  201. Gov. Sarah Palin's acceptance speech
  202. The best report on the election - from England
  203. Obama's ACORN Connections!!!
  204. Sarah palin baptized in jesus name!!!!
  205. McCain's Speech Tonight!
  206. Obama On O'Reily Tonight?
  207. The Palin Effect: Obama, McCain Tied in New Poll
  208. Sarah Palin, Todd Bentley, and Dominion Theology
  209. Trouble Deciding Who to Vote For?
  210. A great interactive Electoral College Map
  211. Obama Lawsuit "Obama Served with Papers"
  212. John McCain says "F word You!" during Interview
  213. The Bottom Line...
  214. Palins Church Wants To Convert Gays
  215. The Swing Vote - Walmart Moms!
  216. In 52 Seconds Why Barack Obama Won't Win
  217. Big Brother. Another reason NOT to vote for Obama
  218. How can any of you vote for Obama?
  219. Obama's Regrets
  220. McCain/Palin up 10 Points!! 9/07/08
  221. Political Funnies
  222. Obama Is Going to Lose
  223. What a Community Organizer is
  224. Do I still vote for McCain after this?
  225. Freudian Slip - "My Muslim faith..." - Obama
  226. Obama's Muslim faith?
  227. Another Twist In The Jeremiah Wright Saga
  228. Help Obama's Half Brother Move Out of His Hut
  229. We'll Protect Taxpayers From More Bailout
  230. Questioning Sarah's Church Beliefs
  231. Obama: 'Lipstick on a pig' comment. Not Smart.
  232. Palin Investigation Tainted
  233. American Cause Article
  234. Will You Give Political $$ ?
  235. Is This Blasphemy - Washington Post?
  236. Biden recovers quickly
  237. Ron Paul refuses to back McCain
  238. Biden: Hillary a Better Pick Than Me
  239. Dear Mr. Obama
  240. Sarah Palin Interview Tonight!
  241. Obama's Race
  242. Rick Warren Breaches Sarah Palin's Confidence
  243. Church Forum.Mccain vs.Obama.
  244. Iraq Veteran Youtube Video - Excellent!
  245. The architect, Karl Rove, caught up in double talk
  246. McCain ahead in Electoral College
  247. Group With Swift Boat Alumni Readies Ads Attacking
  248. Polls getting interesting for McCain
  249. Congressman Cohen compares Palin to Christ's cruci
  250. What issue do you think will be most important